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Barrel Sauna Overlooking the Pacific Ocean

Barrel Sauna Overlooking the Pacific!

Ok, this sauna installation merits bragging rights!  This Barrel Sauna installation is located in Oregon and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Not only is the assembly detail impeccable, but you can see the reflection of the ocean in the glass door!

This husband and wife team assembled this outdoor sauna in only two hours, a record breaker considering my best time was an hour and a half, and I have done many!  This quote is directly from the buyer: “Here is our sauna! With a reflection of the Pacific Ocean in the door. This was one of the best projects William and I have ever done together.”  So, there you go, the PERFECT husband and wife “together” time; assembling an Almost Heaven Sauna!

The barrel sauna is ideal for outdoor use, even in harsh climates such as sun, rain, salt, cold… you name it.  That is because the high quality Western Canadian Red Cedar is naturally resistent to the elements, and the stainless steel hardware is ideal for outdoor use.

In addition to being an ideal outdoor product, an authentic cedar sauna is designed to get hot, and the health benefits are generated due to the hot temperature in the sauna.  As your body heats, your heart rate accelerates, leading to all the benefits of aerobic activity.  Some of the many benefits include weight loss due to increased calorie burn, improved circulation, pain relief for sore muscles and joints, respiratory enhancement due to the moist steam, and detoxification due to intense perspiration.  Additionally, it is a very relaxing and therapeutic experience that helps many people reduce stress and sleep better.
Almost Heaven Saunas has been building high quality cedar home saunas for nearly 40 years.  We are one of the few sauna manufacturers located in the USA, and we take pride in building authentic, hand-crafted saunas.  Call us today at 888.355.3050, or email to sales@almostheaven.com for more information.  We would love to build you your own Almost Heaven Sauna!

January 3, 2013 •