Ice instead of Water

This guest post was published by David W. in Seattle, an Almost Heaven Customer and Sauna Enthusiast. Thank You, David, for sharing this story with us!

Have you ever used ice on the sauna rocks instead of water? No? You should. As you probably know if you’ve ever used or owned a sauna, the normal custom is to pour water over the rocks of the sauna’s stove, which makes a cloud of steam appear. This produces a “blanket” of water vapor that feels wonderful.

On a recent trip to Germany, a colleague invited me to a wellness resort with sauna. At this wellness resort they used crushed ice instead of the water in the sauna. At first I didn’t think much of it, but I quickly realized that the ice actually worked much differently than liquid water. The ice took a while to melt, so the resulting “blanket” of steam stayed in the air longer than it would have with liquid water. The nice thing was also that the aroma they included in the ice was gradually released as the ice melted. I love it and have started taking ice with me in my Almost Heaven Sauna back in Seattle. Time to turn on the sauna!
David W. in Seattle


April 11, 2013 •