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Imagine Your Own Barrel Sauna

Kelly_sweat_SmlImagine your own Almost Heaven Sauna.  Perhaps a Barrel Sauna that you can build into the landscape of your own backyard; always ready and waiting for your enjoyment.  You've had a long day, perhaps one loaded with stress.  Or, maybe you just finished your workout and need to let your muscles rest and relax.  In any case, the heat therapy will feel awesome.  190F – even hotter if you want.  The heat soothes your muscles, increases blood flow; completely relaxes you.  Then sprinkle some water on the rocks – maybe some eucalyptus oil mixed in – and watch the steam engulf the entire room; you can hardly see for a moment due to the steam.  In an instant you'll feel a blast of invigorating heat, breathe in the moist air, and feel the cleansing.  The sweat is releasing toxins that have been stored in your body, leaving you feeling refreshed and quite relaxed.  Following your sauna you shower, probably in cool water, and feel as if you have had – is this contradictory? – a relaxing workout.  Such is the affect of a sauna, and one that you can experience as often as  you want when you own your own Almost Heaven Sauna.  Superior quality, exceptional performance, and complete satisfaction!  Call us today for more information on the incredible health benefits of owning your own authentic sauna!  An Almost Heaven Sauna is a true steam sauna manufactured in the USA with pride.

May 19, 2013 •