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Finally, a sauna of my own!

Editor’s Note: We recently asked Almost Heaven customers to send in their sauna stories. We received several responses to this request and this was one of the first that we received. Thanks Gary!

Gary G. from Saugus, Massachusetts writes:

Gary 1The Sauna I purchased from Almost Heaven Sauna (AHS) is misnamed, it should be called “I’m IN Heaven Saunas”. The quality and the simple assembly is a given, the value is a given, the product is a given. Having a sauna in itself for me is like my pathway to meditation and peace and quiet. When I’m in my sauna, with my book,  even the kids stay away…and I am IN Heaven.  The people at AHS backup their product personally and they truly care: you just don’t get that anymore in this day and age. Any and all problems with additional equipment and assembly questions were asked and answered with no aggravation, waiting or expense.

Maybe its my age (55)  but going into the “all man” sauna at the gym,  I feel like I receive the opposite of the typical “quiet” sauna environment. Instead of feeling relaxed and refreshed,  the sauna at the gym started to stress me to the max. It’s just not my thing to listen to someone’s phone conversation or their head blaring music (I don’t think ear buds really work sometimes, especially in saunas). I got tired of asking people to sit up because “this is only a 8 man sauna and you’re taking up 4 spaces”.  I happen to like to READ, and 90% of the time the sauna light was not working at my gym. Enough about past aggravation. Finally I had, had enough and feel so fortunate to have found the perfect sauna from Almost Heaven Saunas.
Now that I have my own Sauna at home,  I love to workout outdoors and look forward to hitting the sauna after a long run. My kids even jump in every once in a while and are slowly starting to realize the positive effects that a sauna can have. Anyway, it's my pleasure to write this small story for AHS, I've never endorsed a product in my life.

June 6, 2013 •