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Almost Heaven Saunas | Planet Friendly

DustIt is not always easy for a manufacturer to be “planet friendly,” at least in the eyes of some. Even the greatest in conservation and environmentally conscious efforts result in some undesirable bi-products.  Here at Almost Heaven Saunas we are very fortunate in that we generate very little waste of any sort, owing largely to the type of product we manufacture and partly to the efforts of our resourceful manufacturing team!

Our entire factory generates about 6 yards of solid waste that goes to the landfill every month, which is not much!  Our largest quantity of bi-product is sawdust and wood chips, and farmers in the area pick this up for use as horse bedding!  We use nearly all of our sauna profiled lumber, and the cut-off pieces we generate are also picked up by local residents for use as kindling in wood stoves.  While it is easier for us to have an environmentally friendly factory than some, we are pleased that we can do our part!

An Almost Heaven Sauna is hand-built in Greenbrier County, West Virginia.  We have been building high quality steam saunas for nearly 40 years.  Our cedar saunas are exceptional in every detail, and we are especially known for our barrel sauna designs.

Contact Almost Heaven Saunas at 888-355-3050 if you are interested in the best home sauna available, or email us at!

October 6, 2013 •