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Can Bugs and Rodents be a Problem for Saunas?

Saunas built of thick, solid red cedar

Saunas built of thick, solid red cedar

We had a recent inquiry from a prospective sauna buyer, asking whether outdoor sauna owners had experienced any problems with mice. None of our customers had mentioned this before as a problem, so with all the outdoor barrel saunas out there, we think this is safe to say that mice, unlike people, don’t find our saunas attractive. In fact, some customers have reported that their sauna is completely bug- and spider-free, which can be attributed to the cedar our saunas are made of.

We know that cedar is widely used as a natural insect repellent. But is the cedar itself a repellent for rodents? There is some anecdotal evidence that rodents don’t like the cedar smell, but we decided to look into the question in more depth.

First Almost Heaven Saunas are built of thick, sold red cedar, which does not create any gaps where the rodents can burrow. These hand-crafted high-quality cedar planks fit very tightly, with no cracks for critters to crawl through. So,  unlike other human structures known to mice, the construction of our barrel saunas eliminates burrowing, one of the most destructive mouse habits around houses.

What we found absolute agreement for about rodent control, is that if you are careful to keep food remains and litter off the patio or deck (or wherever your barrel sauna is located), mice will not be attracted to the sauna area. This is rule number one from all experts devoted to getting rid of mice. Mice want to live near a nice food supply.

Our conclusion: Unlike people, mice don’t like the cedar smell and if you don’t “feed” them, they will stay away. You will find our saunas are built from the best lumber available; one that is designed to deliver maximum health benefits and enjoyment; and one that will provide a lifetime of quality performance. Enjoy!

February 17, 2014 •