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Almost Heaven Saunas Built in Almost Heaven

How much do you know about West Virginia?

For those of you who may not know, W. Va. is called the Mountain State, and, as the moniker implies, it’s the ideal spot for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds.  Hiking, biking, fishing, swimming – it’s all there.  It’s a slice of heaven for anyone who likes to be out and about enjoying the sights and experiencing the adventures that the Mountain State has to offer.

Granted, when planning a vacation, not everyone immediately thinks of W. Va. as their ideal trip destination, but that’s because they haven’t been there yet.

A recent editorial in the Inter Mountain online edition entitled “W.Va. really is almost heaven” acknowledges that the state doesn’t make the top of most tourists’ destinations lists.

“We can never compete with places such as Las Vegas, Disney, New York City, etc.” the author writes, but then adds, “Many West Virginians would agree we don’t even want to try.  Our strengths – outdoor recreation, historic sites, good food and our people – bring people back to West Virginia.  Clearly, they are the key to getting more people to come here in the first place.”

Loyal West Virginians are convinced that they have the privilege of residing in a state that is almost heaven, and visitors often agree.

We agree too.  Almost Heaven Saunas has been operating and growing in West Virginia for nigh on forty years.  You don’t get that kind of commitment to one place unless you recognize its value.  At our factory in Renick in Greenbrier County, our craftsmen individually inspect each Canadian red cedar and coastal hemlock board used in the construction of our outdoor and indoor saunas.

If you’re persuaded that W. Va. is a good state to check out on your next vacation, add a visit to our factory on your itinerary.  We’re proud of what we do, and we’d love the opportunity to show you around.


January 6, 2015 •