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Outdoor or Indoor? – Choices, Choices…

January is a great time to go shopping for a sauna: it’s cold and dry, and people often find themselves in need of a nice, warm pick-me-up when they find themselves only halfway through the winter months and many weeks of cloudy skies are still ahead.  It can be a rough month.  If you’re looking for a quality sauna to help you beat the winter blahs, Almost Heaven Saunas is well worth your consideration, and between our line of signature outdoor barrel saunas and our newest series of exciting indoor saunas, you may wonder which sauna is the best fit for you.

What’s Round and Very Hot?

Almost Heaven Saunas is best known for our time-tested line of outdoor barrel saunas.  Made from Canadian western red cedar that is naturally resistant to decay and mildew, they often make an elegant, attractive addition to any backyard.  But they don’t just look good; they’ve got substance too.  We fashion our barrel saunas following a proven ball-and-socket design that makes it easy to assemble and allows the wood to barrel-14expand without splitting.  Our barrel saunas come with molded cradle supports that allow it to sit firmly on the ground and elevate its undercarriage, protecting it from moisture.

One truly convenient aspect of our barrel saunas is that they can be placed on any level surface – concrete, patio, grass, dirt.  It lends itself to whatever environment you call home.  Additionally, the height of the inside benches can be adjusted to accommodate your needs and preferences.  And that’s not the only thing you can adjust; our barrel saunas range in size from our 4-foot-long, 2-person Salem to our 8-foot-long, 8-person Grandview, and some of them are designed to have an inviting canopy area with outdoor seating, providing a comfortable spot to cool down after your sauna bath.

Almost Heaven Saunas has set the standard for quality and craftsmanship for outdoor barrel saunas, but if taking a chilly jaunt out to your sauna is not your thing, maybe you’d like to consider one of our indoor models.

Keeping the Heat Inside

The newest addition to Almost Heaven Saunas is our line of indoor sauna rooms that made its debut during the fall of 2014.  This line includes three saunas fashioned from Canadian coastal hemlock – the 2-person Madison, the 4-person Grayson, and the 6-person Costco_Jenn_EBridgeport.  Hemlock is a lighter wood that can accent the décor of a home, but you’ll still get the cedar aroma because we craft the benches and back rests from Canadian western red cedar.  If you’re the kind of person who loves red cedar, we also offer the Blue Ridge which is made entirely from that aromatic lumber.

Our indoor saunas offer multi-level seating so the die-hard sauna enthusiasts can sit closer to the ceiling and those who prefer a more mild temperature can sit closer to the floor where the air is still hot but not as hot.  Like our outdoor saunas, the indoor saunas can go on a number of different surfaces – tile, concrete, etc .

Installing one of our indoor saunas could be a good way to bring a sense of harmony and ease to a room by consciously setting aside a special place for relaxation and reflection.  This may be our newest line of products, but it has already grown in popularity in just a handful of months, and we trust that it will continue to do so as we maintain our high standards for excellence and customer care.

Both, Please

Whether you’re in the market for an indoor or outdoor sauna, Almost Heaven Saunas has set the bar high in terms of standards and quality.  Whether we’re using western red cedar or coastal hemlock, the lumber we select for our saunas is thick and soft and devoid of any laminates.  Couple that with a Harvia heater that we ship with every sauna and you have a particularly energy-efficient combination.  Our sauna kits are designed for easy assembly so that you can start enjoying an authentic sauna experience as soon as possible.

If you’re interested in learning more about either an indoor or outdoor sauna (or both!) from Almost Heaven Saunas, please give us a call at 888-355-3050 or shoot us an e-mail at sales@almostheaven.com.

January 19, 2015 •