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Sauna Chatter

The sauna is meant to be a place of ease and relaxation, which is why the Finnish Sauna Society recommends that members and their visitors should avoid any controversial topics while using their saunas.  For them, the sauna is not the place to complain about work or to bring up divisive current events.  Give it a go.  If you ever find yourself straying in the direction of complaining or arguing while in the sauna, try some of these topics instead:

  1. What is something that maybe a parent or a grandparent or some other aged sage once said that you remember and still apply today?
  2. What is the stupidest idea you’ve ever come up with? Did you act upon your idea, and if so, what were the results, or did someone manage to stop you first?DSC_6529
  3. What’s a place you all want to visit? What are three items you’d choose to take along – barring the uninteresting givens like money and passport?
  4. What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on? The worst?
  5. Have you ever had a favorite pet? Describe it.
  6. Find out who has taken a sauna bath in the most number of countries. Which sauna experiences were your favorites?
  7. How did you first start taking sauna baths? Where were you? Whose idea was it? What were your first impressions?
  8. If money was no object, what one accessory or feature would you want to add to your sauna?
  9. What is one habit you wish you didn’t have? How have you tried breaking it in the past?
  10. What is one thing you are obsessively compulsive about?
  11. Have you ever had any nicknames? Which ones do you like, and which ones would you rather never hear again?
  12. If you were given a shopping spree to any store, which one would you choose, and what kinds of things would you buy?
  13. What’s one thing you know how to do that not a lot of people would suspect you know how to do?
  14. Confess one of your guilty pleasures.
  15. If you were on a gameshow with the option to call a friend for help should you ever get stuck, which friend would you call?

For many sauna enthusiasts, a hot room is a good place to cool off (psychologically speaking); it isn’t the place for heated discussions.  If you’re interested in learning about owning your own sauna, give us a call at 888-355-3050 or visit our website at https://almostheaven.com.

January 30, 2015 •