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Traveling for Passion Spas

Almost Heaven Saunas president Rick Mouw spent the better part of last month covering over 8,000 road and air miles, crisscrossing the country and the Atlantic Ocean to attend trade shows near Chicago, in the United Kingdom, and in Atlantic City. His mission: spread the word about Passion Spas.

passion_spas_8Did you know that the Passion Spas brand is one of the largest brands of quality hot tubs in Europe? They’re in showrooms in nearly every country on the continent, including Fonteyn Spas’ Netherlands-based showroom, reported to be the largest spa showroom in the world. And now Passion Spas are here on this side of the ocean.

Two years ago, Almost Heaven Saunas began a tangential relationship founded on mutual distribution networks with Passion Spas, and since then, the Passion Spas brand has been attracting a growing following of dealers and spa enthusiasts across the nation.


Far right: Rick Mouw, Almost Heaven Saunas President, with some Passion Spas associates.

Passion Spas are noted for their style, their quality, their design, and their value.  Let’s get specific: It is doubtful whether any other spa manufacturer can provide so many luxury features – massage options, exclusive Synergy Water Maintenance System, Dual Source Heating, etc. – at such a satisfying price tag.  And they come in a wide range of sizes with a diverse array of seating options.

The best spa industry professionals recognize when a product is worth serious consideration, which is why Passion Spas USA added more and more dealers at every trade venue they visited last month.  That means there’s probably a good chance that you can find a qualified Passion Spas dealer in your region.  Want to learn more?  Give Jane Grady a call at 855-355-3088 or visit Passion Spas USA’s website to find a dealer near you.


February 9, 2015 •