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Sauna Quiz: Put Yourself to the Test

How much do you know about us and our saunas?  Take this short quiz to find out.

  1. The Finnish word lӧyly refers to…
    A. A wood-burning sauna stove
    B. The steam created by water on the stones in the sauna stove
    C. When a man proposes to his fiancé in the sauna
    D. A sauna etiquette rule stipulating that cell phones are forbidden while in the sauna
  2. True or False: In an authentic Finnish sauna experience, participants will flail themselves with birch boughs in order to improve circulation and remove dead skin.
  3. Almost Heaven Saunas got its name from…
    A. The descriptive praise of our customers
    B. A John Denver Song
    C. A Finnish folktale
    D. A random Google search
  4. True or False: Almost Heaven Saunas’ factory has been located in West Virginia since day one of operation.DSC_6529
  5. True or False: Almost Heaven Saunas’ corporate office is located in New Netherlands, Michigan.
  6. True or False: Finland is a Nordic European country located between Norway and Sweden.
  7. Which of the following woods is NOT currently used in the construction of our saunas?
    A. West Coast Fir
    B. West Coast Hemlock
    C. Western Canadian Red Cedar
    D. Western Canadian Hickory
  8. The Finnish word kiulu refers to…
    A. A bucket of water inside the sauna
    B. The right type of wood used for building a sauna
    C. The process of rotating a dry sauna experience with a wet sauna experience
    D. The unit used to measure how much you perspired during a sauna session
  9. True or False: A traditional sauna experience is the same thing as an infrared sauna experience.
  10. The best time of year to enjoy a sauna bath is…
    A. During the spring to beat the lingering chill of winter and prepare the body for the heat of summer
    B. During the summer because it is a healthy way to wrap up a day of outdoor recreation
    C. During the fall because it helps ease the body into cooler temperatures in the evenings
    D. During the winter because it helps beat the cold



  1. B. According to the Finnish Saunas Society, lӧyly not only refers to the steam generated by putting water on the hot sauna stones, but it also is used to describe the environment of heat and humidity typical in an authentic sauna experience.
  2. True… And that just about says it all.
  3. B. “Country Roads Take Me Home” is not only one of John Denver’s most iconic classics, but it is also responsible for our christening.
  4. True. Which, if you’re familiar with the lyrics of “Country Road”, would make sense.
  5. False. Trick question. It’s in Holland, Michigan.
  6. False. Another trick question. Yes, it is a Nordic European country, but it is located between Sweden and Russia.
  7. D. We use only the finest in high-grade softwoods like fir, hemlock, and cedar.
  8. A. Without the kiulu, the lӧyly would not be possible.
  9. False. A traditional sauna heats the room; an infrared sauna heats the body.
  10. “All of the above” wasn’t an option, but it’s the right answer. Sauna bathing is a year-round experience.

So how’d you do?  We’d like to know.  Leave a comment on our Facebook page and maybe tell us about your sauna experience while you’re at it. If you’re new to all this but want to learn more about us and our saunas, feel free to give us a call at 888-355-3050 or send a message to sales@almostheaven.com.

April 21, 2015 •