“Why does my caller ID say you’re calling from Michigan?”

Publication1Because our corporate office is located in West Michigan, in the city of Holland. As the name implies, the city is of Dutch origin.

Brief history lesson: during the mid-1800s, Dutch immigrants settled in and around Holland, MI. To celebrate their Nederlands roots, the city hosts the Tulip Time Festival every year near the beginning of May. This year the festival will run from May 2 – May 9, and everyone is busy getting ready.

The festival annually features local Klompen dancers (a traditional Dutch folk dancing), several parades, a list of special concerts and events, carnival rides, and, of course, tulips. Hundreds upon thousands upon millions of tulips lining the roads and gracing the parks.

Holland also boasts multiple Dutch-themed attractions like a tulip farm, a model Dutch village, and a 250-year-old working windmill that was moved from the Netherlands to its current location.

Our office is located in Downtown Holland, placing Almost Heaven Saunas directly at the center of all the Dutchness.  So if you give us a call at our toll-free number 888.355.3050 during the first week in May, don’t be surprised if you hear marching bands or the sound of wooden shoes striking concrete in the background.



The weeks leading up to Tulip Time are a time of preparation. Banners, signs, concessions stands, and information stations pop up all over the place, and if the timing is just right, so do the tulips.


April 28, 2015 •