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40 Marvelous Times to Jump in the Sauna

Need an excuse to open up that sauna and get the heater started? Check out our list of times when jumping in the sauna is a marvelous idea.

  1. At the start of the day
  2. At the end of the day
  3. During the middle of the day
  4. After a soccer or basketball or football or water polo game
  5. When it’s too rainy to go anywhere
  6. When it’s snowed all night and now you can’t get out of your driveway
  7. On the first warm day of spring when it’s gloriously sunny but the pool is still too cold
  8. When everyone else is out and about and you have the house to yourself
  9. When everyone is home for the evening and you want to spend some time together
  10. While you’re hosting a Christmas party
  11. While you’re hosting a 4th of July gathering
  12. While you’re hosting a Mother’s Day get-together
  13. At the end of a girls’ night out
  14. At the end of a guys’ night out
  15. During a birthday party
  16. On the first day of the year
  17. On the last day of the year
  18. Before or after a wedding
  19. Before or after a funeral
  20. After a day at the lake house
  21. After a day at work
  22. When all your friends are out of town on vacation
  23. When vacation is still three months away but you need it now
  24. When no one can afford to go anywhere on vacation so you invite everyone over to your place
  25. When you didn’t get that promotion you were hoping for
  26. When you absolutely landed that promotion you were hoping for
  27. On the first and last day of spring
  28. On the first and last day of summer
  29. On the first and last day of autumn
  30. On the first and last day on winter
  31. When you need some privacy to finish reading your book
  32. When people are driving you crazy and you need some alone time
  33. When the day just isn’t going right and you need to start over again with a blank slate (sauna = reset button)
  34. When your brain feels blocked
  35. When you’ve received a brand new album and want to simply sit and listen to it
  36. After your Internet crashes
  37. After getting back from a long, tedious road trip
  38. After spending several hours in the snow or the rain or the sleet
  39. During your exercise routine
  40. When you’ve finished putting it together and it’s time to take your inaugural sauna bath!

In short, on any day, at any hour of the day, whether you’re experiencing triumphs or disappointments or just living life, it’s a good time to jump in the sauna.

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May 4, 2015 •