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5 Types of People Who Should Consider Jumping in the Sauna


In many cultures, the sauna (or a national equivalent) has held an honored positions for centuries, and over the past couple of decades or so, North Americans have started to take note. If you’re entirely new to sauna practices and you find yourself on this list, then that means you too may reap the untold benefits of regular sauna bathing.


Push longer, harder, further with the help of an authentic traditional sauna.

1. Athletes and those with active lifestyles.

Not only does being enveloped in a soothing fold of hot air do wonders for sore muscles and achy joints, but a 2007 study concluded that jumping in the sauna after a workout helped runners increase their endurance levels. An activity that is both soothing and strengthening – now that’s a most attractive combination.

2. Artists and other creative types.

A sauna tends to be a contemplative environment that strips away the forced and contrived and leaves behind sweet simplicity. Dead in the water, creatively speaking? Then try visiting a sauna to shed your clothes and empty your mind. Inspiration often comes when and where we least expect it. Fun fact: actor Johnny Depp credits the sauna, in part, for the development of some of his iconic on-screen characters.

3. People with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Arm yourself with heat and steam to beat the winter blahs.

Arm yourself with heat and steam to beat the winter blahs.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a common form of depression. It usually occurs in individuals living far north or south of the equator during the autumn and winter months and is associated with a lack of sunlight. It has been suggested that regular sauna use may help people with SAD. Makes sense. What better way to combat the cold bleakness of winter than by being tucked away someplace cozy and warm?

4. Introverted personalities and serious conversationalists

A common Finnish joke goes something like this: “An introverted Finn looks at his shoes when he’s talking to you; an extroverted Finn looks at yours.” The Finns are the founding fathers of authentic traditional sauna bathing, and perhaps their introspective and intentional nature has set the tone for the practice because some believe that the sauna is no place for small talk. That doesn’t mean it has to be a place of uninterrupted silence, though. Rather, it can be a place to discuss ideas, to address big questions and engage is authentic conversations.


A sauna has something to offer for all people, be it a healthier lifestyle, a moment of insight, a positive escape, or an intentional environment.

5. Everyone else not on this list

Maybe getting up to go for a run just ain’t your thing, or you feel no compulsion to paint or write or take pottery classes, or you’re just in love with everything about winter, or you’re the most outgoing and outspoken individual in your social sphere. Sauna bathing could be an equally rewarding experience for you as well. That’s the great thing about it: a sauna meets a variety of needs all across the board!

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July 27, 2015 •