Check Out These Saunas: Made from Our Kits with Your Personal Flair

One of the great things about an Almost Heaven Sauna kit is that they fit any lifestyle and enhance the value of any home.

Here are a handful of installation examples to help illustrate the limitless possibilities for assembling and using your authentic Almost Heaven home sauna.

Front-and-Center or Supporting Role

Have a back yard that doesn’t get used much? A softwood sauna is just the thing for family and friends to congregate in and around. Maybe you’ve worked hard to create a backyard escape, but a sauna might be the one thing missing to complete the picture. A sauna next to a hot tub, swimming pool, or lake is like milk and cookies – a simply perfect combination.

Anthony and Hope, OR_2

Redefine a corner of the yard with a signature red cedar barrel sauna…


… Or use it to complete an overall expression of healthful relaxation.

Winter Cocoon or Summer Release

Whether it’s the dead of winter and you need some place to escape the gloom, or it’s spring and you want something to help shake the last bit of cold from your bones, or it’s summer and you need a way to ease sore muscles after playing hard all day, or it’s autumn and you want someplace quiet to be introspective and calm – whatever the season, a sauna is a good way to enjoy them all.




When the sun is bright and shinning, celebrate life with a trip to the sauna.


When you’re tucked away on a winter evening, cozy up in the sauna.

Private Escape or Gathering Place

Our saunas come in all kinds of sizes, so if you need someplace to keep to yourself or if you want enough room for the whole family, we have something to accommodate your needs. Need help deciding which one? We’re here to help. Give us a call at 888.355.3050 or email


An intimate escape for two.

Sauna party-ready: open the door and file in.



July 20, 2015 •