Under the Magnifying Glass: 6 Small Details about Our Indoor Saunas that Make a Difference

Details: the door sections comes pre-assembled, and the stainless steel hinges are adjustable.

Details: the door section comes pre-assembled, and the stainless steel hinges are adjustable.

If you look closely at our saunas, you’ll notice that a lot of thought has gone into the finished product. Here are just 6 small items that will unfold to you upon closer inspection:

  1. Many people enjoy the pleasing aroma of red cedar, and it’s a sensory experience that you’ll find in all of our saunas. In our indoor models, we use Canadian Western Red Cedar on the back rests and heater guards.
  2. The heater comes with an 8-hour delay timer and a 1-hour automatic shut-off. That means you can schedule when you want your sauna to turn on and start heating so that it’s ready for you at your convenience.
  3. The door hinges are adjustable. You control the tension holding your sauna door shut, ensuring that it isn’t too loose or two tight.
  4. We use tempered glass on all the door and window sections.
  5. Our indoor saunas are free-standing structures that go on nearly any surface – tile, concrete, laminate, etc. That gives you creative license to personalize the finished look of your very own home sauna.
  6. The tongue-and-groove profile means that you’ll use minimal fasteners when assembling your indoor sauna.

Details add up. At Almost Heaven Saunas, they add up to a complete line of exceptional indoor sauna models. If you’d like to learn more about our quality home saunas, e-mail sales@almostheaven.com or call 888.355.3050. Be sure to ask about any current specials.

August 24, 2015 •