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How Much Do You Know About Finland?

On Sunday, December 6, Finland will celebrate its 98th National Independence Day. In honor of the country that brought us the practice of traditional sauna bathing, here’s a brief quiz to test how much you know about this remarkable Nordic nation.

  1. True or False: Finland is part of a northern European geographic area called Scandinavia.
  2. Name the three nations that Finland borders.
    1. Russia, Norway, and Denmark
    2. Sweden, Norway, and Denmark
    3. Russia, Norway, and Sweden
    4. Narnia, Middle Earth, and Hogwarts
  3. Finland has earned the nickname…
    1. Land of a thousand trees because of its dense forests.
    2. Land of a thousand lakes because of its numerous ponds, streams, rivers, and, ahem, lakes.
    3. Land of the Midnight Sun because the sun never fully sets during the winter time.
    4. Land of milk and honey because that’s their favorite afternoon snack.
  4. Name Finland’s official languages:
    1. Finnish and Russian
    2. Finnish and English
    3. Finnish and Swedish
    4. Just Finnish
  5. The capital of Finland is:
    1. Oslo
    2. Moscow
    3. Helsinki
    4. Svalbard
  6. The only indigenous people group in the European Union lives in a region that includes part of Finland. This indigenous group is called:
    1. The Sami
    2. The Celts
    3. The Calientes
    4. The Tibetans
  7. True or False: “Everyman’s Rights” means that people may wander around in Finland without asking for permission from property owners first.


Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Photo courtesy of Rick Mouw

Helsinki, the capital of Finland.
Photo courtesy of Rick Mouw

Answers: 1) False. Norway, Sweden, and Denmark are the only nations situated on the Scandinavian Peninsula, thus they are the only official Scandinavian nations. It’s an exclusive club. 2) A, although some maybe wish it was D. 3) B. Interesting note: Minnesota is over 40,000 square miles smaller than Finland, but it calls itself the Land of ten thousand lakes.  Hmm… 4) C, although English is also a widely spoken language. 5) C. Bonus Nordic trivia question: Who can name the connection between Svalbard and seeds? (Answer: The world’s largest secure seed storage, or vault, is located in Svalbard.) 6) A. The Sami inhabit a region spanning Norway, Sweden, Finland, and even Russia. 7) True, although certain standards of courtesy ought to be observed.








November 30, 2015 •