Keeping up with the Demand for Heat

Charleston (6+2 Canopy)When the weather turns chilly or downright frigid (depending on where you live), thoughts begin to turn towards warm things. Soup, rice pillows, wool sweaters, fleece-lined boots, heavy blankets, thick gloves, goose-down duvets – what’s your favorite way to stay warm?

Here at Almost Heaven Saunas, we get the feeling that for lots of people across the country, their favorite way to keep warm is to hop in the sauna. Where do we get that drift? Well, right now we are hitting historic production figures as we work hard to keep up with exceptional demand.

We can only conclude that people are continuing to recognize and embrace the health and wellness of traditional sauna bathing, and as they do so, they’re on the lookout for an exceptional product by a dedicated manufacturer. We’re pleased that they entrust their sauna purchase to us.

With a wide lineup of indoor and outdoor home saunas, we are able to serve a diverse range of customers. To learn more about owning your own Almost Heaven Sauna, give us a call at 888.355.3050 or e-mail

Hilo 112315

When things are busy, everybody pitches in. Here’s a recent picture of company president Rick Mouw running the hilo to unload a lumber shipment.

Image taken earlier this year of our West Virginia factory floor.

Image taken earlier this year of our West Virginia factory floor.

December 7, 2015 •