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4 Reasons Why You Should Add “Sauna” to Your Home Improvement Projects List

Sauna assembly imageHere at Almost Heaven Saunas, we do a lot of interacting with customers, and sometimes we’re granted small glimpses into their progressing stories. We don’t have any exact figures, but it seems like a fair amount of individuals who purchase our products are often undergoing home remodels or who are building a new house and want to make a private sauna a part of that process.

Here are some reasons why that’s a great idea:

  1. Inside or Out. 

    A private home sauna can bring distinction to almost any living environment, indoors or outdoors. Turn a master bathroom into a special oasis, or transform your backyard into a stay-at-home retreat.

  2. Do-it-Yourself. 

    Satisfaction. Personal pride. Accomplishment. A DIY project is often immensely gratifying, and all of our saunas come as partially-assembled kits that require on-site completion. You’ll need a licensed electrician to take care of the wiring for the heater, but with our comprehensive instructions and ready assistance, this is a project that you can tackle with confidence.

  3. Take It Or Leave It.

    One day you may decide to move. You can decide to leave your Almost Heaven Sauna for the new home owners to enjoy, or you can disassemble it in reverse and take it with you. It’s good to have options.

  4. Reward Yourself.

    Let’s face it: building or remodeling a home can get stressful. Sauna use is a great way to not only care for your body and keep it healthy, but it’s also a great way to destress. If you’re working hard to turn a home makeover vision into a reality, don’t forget to throw in a little self-care along the way.

Sauna bathing is a tradition that has survived for hundreds of years because people tend to recognize a good thing when they see it. A home is a good thing. Turning that home into a beautiful, special place is also good. Adding a sauna to that space to promote health, wellness, and value is great.

February 29, 2016 •