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A Special Escape

Three generations of one family have enjoyed this sauna.

Three generations of one family have enjoyed this sauna.

Over the past several weeks, we have been using our blog to share the stories of home sauna owners, be it a Las Vegas resident who picked up the practice during his travels or a Minnesotan who discovered the feel-good benefits of the sauna while on her honeymoon.

This week we’ll be sharing the story of Bobbette Wright, an Idahoan real estate agent whose home sauna serves as the stage for special, private moments of relaxation with dear family members.

Bobbette and her family first experienced traditional sauna bathing on vacation at a hotel spa. She remembers that at the time, she didn’t really like the idea of sharing a sauna with strangers, and she found the space more “dark and confining” than she would’ve liked. But all that aside, the practice made an impression.

Bobbette sells real estate, so she was familiar with the concept of a home sauna, and she had also done her homework, learning more about the health benefits associated with traditional sauna bathing. (Additionally, she is of Norwegian decent, and the sauna is prevalent in Nordic cultures, so the appreciation of the sauna may very well be in her blood too.) One thing led to another, and she and her family decided to purchase a home sauna of their own. (She notes that none of the home saunas she has seen as a real estate agent can compare to her own.)

For Bobbette, owning a sauna intersects with her family life, providing her with some special memories, be it as simple as watching her 11-year-old granddaughter drawing on the steamed up windows or something as profound as seeing her husband’s allergies clear up, allowing him to breathe more easily.

Perhaps her favorite sauna memories involves the time she spends with her daughters in the sauna. She says it’s a wonderful “time to catch up together and get healthy at the same time”.

“They were all excited when we bought it and didn’t need any encouragement from us to try it,” Bobbette wrote of her daughters. “It’s so fun to sauna and have girl time!”

Some other things Bobbette likes about her home sauna:

  • Using scented oils to experience some relaxing aromatherapy.
  • The privacy.
  • The large glass windows that give the room a more open feel.

“I can truly relax and escape life while in my sauna,” Bobbette wrote, echoing a sentiment that perhaps millions have shared over the course of hundreds of years. People love traditional sauna bathing for many of the same reasons, but the experience is maybe deeply personal and deeply special on a uniquely individual level.

The right Wright sauna.

The right Wright sauna.

February 19, 2016 •