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The Sauna: Your Tool to Fight the Winter Blues

So how are you holding up?

By now, many of us are well into winter. We’ve had time now to remaster the art of the controlled skid and the study of rapid break pumping on icy roads. We may have finally come to terms with the fact that whatever free time we have will go to shoveling the driveway, pulling wool socks on and off, or clearing the night’s accumulation of ice or snow off of the car. And we’ve had the chance to position heated mattress pads, rice pillows, heavy slippers, and thick blankets in nearly every room of our homes. After all, this is winter. It’s what we do.

But near the end of January and beginning of February, doesn’t it all start to feel a little old? The gray skies above and the gray slush below makes for a decidedly monochromatic pallet, and it’s hard to remember a season that isn’t so bone-gnawingly cold.

Hang in there. Spring is on its way. And in the meantime, think happy thoughts, thoughts like, “Wouldn’t a home sauna look great in that corner right over there? We could place it just so, so that we could look out and watch the snow piling up while we’re all nice and snug in 185 degree heat.”

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February 1, 2016 •