7 Sauna Sources for Newbies and Veterans Alike

Sometimes when we’re talking to customers, we might get the question, “So, how are you supposed to take a sauna?” That’s a pretty clear indication that they’re not yet fully initiated into the practice as a whole, and you know what? That’s okay. For hundreds of years, millions of individuals have discovered saunas to be a source of health and rejuvenation, and they all had to get started somewhere.

If you’re just getting started with saunas, here are several sources that may prove helpful. Not only are they chock full of interesting information and useful how-to knowhow, but they also offer insightful and enjoyable glimpses into the spirit behind the practice, the attitudes and the core needs that have sustained and nurtured this age-old tradition for generation upon generation.

And if you’re an alumnus of heat and steam, you’re not alone. These are some great places to connect with other authentic sauna lovers, to learn from each other and bask in the kinship of like-mindedness. So without further ado, here are 7 fantastic sauna sources for all – newbies and veterans alike.


The SaunaTimes blog is maintained by Glenn, a Minnesota resident who, according to his profile, discovered the sauna for himself in 1985 while hitchhiking in Europe. Between then and now, he has helped build several saunas and has even developed an ebook on the subject. Typical themes with which his blog deals: building tips, guest posts, the process of taking sauna rounds (warm up, cool down, warm up, cool down, etc.), and more.

The 612 Sauna Society

The 612 Sauna Society was started by JP in the Minneapolis area (hence the 612 designation – the regional area code). The stated purpose of the society is to help “people—around the world—waste time with dignity by improving access to Nordic sauna culture.” To join, there are 5 membership requirements (and you’ll smile when you see what they are).

Traditional Sauna Facebook Page

The Traditional Sauna page was set up in May 2015 as a community forum for “sauna revelers”. In their Page Info description, it reads, “In Sauna we are equal, beautiful, and at peace. We are family, friends, community; an honorary tribe. Here we can share our stories, ideas, and questions.” It showcases a great collection of pictures, making it a great source for what is visually compelling about the sauna.

The Finnish Sauna Society

The stated purpose of the Finnish Sauna Society “is to preserve the traditional native sauna culture, spread information about it, correct wrong impressions about the sauna, emphasize the meaning of sauna bathing for a healthy life and also to develop the sauna of the present day.”

The North American Sauna Society

SaunaSociety.org, the online presence of the North American Sauna Society, recently underwent a significant remodeling. When you visit their newly designed website, you’ll find information about different types of saunas, some frequently asked questions about saunas, and several how-to articles.


The Saunatarian is a blog recently developed and maintained by Jack Tsonis from Australia. He calls himself a thermovengelist who wants to “spread the good heat.” Recent blog posts include a review of a Hayao Miyazaki movie as it relates to saunas, a comparison of two pieces of art, and an interview with the owner of a public sauna.


Strictly speaking, this blog isn’t about saunas. It’s about working and raising a family as a New Zealand expat living in the capital of Finland. It’s a fascinating read with lots and lots of great pictures, and since the sauna is traditionally linked with Finnish culture, sauna lovers may be able to glean some great materials that they never knew before. Besides, if you ever decide to make a pilgrimage to the birthplace of traditional sauna culture, this blog will give you some great information about the sights worth seeing while you’re there.


So that’s our list of fun reads for anyone who appreciates the sauna. Are there any that we missed? If you know of any sources of which we may not be aware, please do share.


Image courtesy of Pixabay.com, konkarikin (https://pixabay.com/en/users/konkarikin-173719/)

March 7, 2016 •