Sauna Building 101

Recently, Almost Heaven Saunas’ West Michigan office staff went back to school to earn their proverbial degree in sauna making. The company has been growing in recent years, and the number of staff increased accordingly. Everybody wears multiple hats here, among which customer service is key, so in order to continue offering the best customer assistance possible, it was time for even the mouse-pushers and keyboard-tappers to get their hands dirty and exchange telephone headsets for power tools for several hours.

Rick Mouw, president of Almost Heaven Saunas, guided the proceedings, walking the team through each step and offering tips and suggestions along the way.


Isn’t it often true that the more one uses power tools, the more compelling (i.e. addicting) they become?


A sauna can get the blood flowing in more ways than one. Many people are aware that using a sauna helps improve circulatory function; building one has to be good for the heart too.


Assembling a sauna is not a Long Ranger sort of task. Having help is a valuable asset and makes the whole process much more enjoyable too.


Step by step, the sauna rose into being…

Barrel Assembly by Corporate Team 105


… until finally the team was able to step back and observe their finished product.



The team emerged from their sauna-building session more knowledgeable and with a sense of triumph. After all, there’s something extremely gratifying about assembling an entire sauna from the polymer support cradles all the way up to the stainless steel bands – a sense of accomplishment that every dedicated DIYer would recognize.



March 21, 2016 •