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The Authentic Sauna Experience Awaits Experiencing

The heat is on in West Michigan right now, and we’re not talking about the weather. The Almost Heaven Saunas display showroom boasts a wide collection of products specially designed to make you sweat, and the door is open for anyone who would like to experience it for themselves.

I_ClaroThe Finnish-made Claro Sauna is an especially stylish model that’s currently hooked up and ready for use. The unit is well-paired with the Cilindro heater from Harvia, world leaders in sauna heating technology. The Cilindro is noteworthy for the size and shape of its stone cavity. For those who make a study of optimal sauna procedure, the manufacturer provides the following description: “You can adjust the nature of the heat from soft to sharp by throwing water either to the side of the heater or straight on top of the stone pillar.”

The Claro-Cilindro combination provides bathers with a genuine steam sauna experience. For an alternative sweat bathing practice, visitors may try out one of the Radiant LX Infrared Saunas currently on display. These units are significant because of their large carbon fiber heating panels which deliver a wide heating pattern, their interior/exterior digital controls with Bluetooth and USB audio capabilities, and their superior design.

For those who are unfamiliar with the sauna, the practice can take as little as half an hour, or bathers can do rounds of sitting in the sauna and cooling off outside over the course of several hours. It is important to be well hydrated before using a sauna and to replenish fluids afterwards.

Traditional sauna bathing has been linked to a number of important health benefits such as muscle and joint pain relief, skin revitalization, and improved circulatory function. Infrared sauna bathing is also attributed with heat therapy benefits. To line up a visit to use any of these saunas, visitors are encouraged to give Almost Heaven Saunas a call at 888.355.3050.

Sauna Showroom:
588 E. 40th St.
Holland, MI 49423


June 13, 2016 •