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Forget counting sheep. Your sauna may be the key to great sleep!

By Stephanie Mouw

DSC_6236In our busy and chaotic world, it’s no surprise that many people have trouble getting to sleep. Whether it’s cutting caffeine or not looking at your phone before bed, we’ve all tried ways to help us sleep better. But sometimes those tricks just aren’t effective.

Before you turn to sleeping pills, we have a suggestion for you: get a sauna!

Saunas have been shown to help relax the body and mind. When you use a sauna, your body temperature dramatically heightens and then plummets back down again post-sauna. This process releases increased levels of melatonin which is known to help induce a deep and relaxed sleep. The sauna’s high temperatures also help release chemicals called endorphins. While we often think of endorphins as the “happy” chemical, they are also known to act as sedatives.

When you pour water on the sauna stones, the resulting steam can ease your breathing. And if the cause of your insomnia is pain, the sauna can help relieve aches, tension and soreness as well.

Aside from all of the great physical effects a sauna has on your body, simply taking the time unwind in a sauna at night, away from other distractions, can make it easier for you to fall asleep.

So for a better night’s sleep, check out Almost Heaven Saunas’ line of both indoor and outdoor saunas. There is sure to be a model that is perfect for your lifestyle … and your dreams.



July 5, 2016 •