Autumn & Saunas: A Match Made in Heaven

When you ask sauna lovers about their favorite sauna season, you’ll get a variety of answers. Winter would appear to be the most popular choice—there’s nothing like sitting in a 190-degree room when it’s frigid and snowing outdoors. Others might say summer, where the nearby lake or pool offer a convenient place to cool down.

While we firmly believe every season is sauna season, we’re here to make the case for fall.

Ah, fall. The season of scarves and pumpkin spice and … saunas? It’s a perfect match, if you ask us. There’s a new crispness to the air, and the sun begins setting a little bit earlier with each day. It’s the season that is best described by the word “cozy,” which pretty much describes a sauna, as well.

As the temperature dips outside, we can think of nothing better than cozying up in a sauna during autumn. Inhale and breathe in the warm, rustic scent of the sauna’s red cedar, Nordic spruce, or hemlock and fir. It’s the perfect complement to the smell of the changing leaves outside. Especially in the evening, the cool air in fall is a natural cool down between sauna sessions. You may even cap off the session with a nice bonfire and a mug of hot apple cider in the backyard.

While saunas are the perfect year-round getaway, we’re looking forward to the change of season and spending time in the sauna this fall. What better way to prepare for the upcoming winter than experiencing the ultimate relaxation and warmth that comes with a sauna? Browse our outdoor and indoor sauna options, and contact us today if you have questions or would like to place an order. We have a feeling this fall is going to be the best one yet.

September 27, 2016 •