Introducing Our New Indoor Saunas!

At Almost Heaven Saunas, we are focused on providing the best quality and widest range of saunas we can, which is why we are excited to now offer two new indoor sauna options to customers: the Preston and the Logan. Let’s learn a little more about these additions to the Almost Heaven Saunas family.

The Preston is a 6-person indoor sauna made out of beautiful, solid sections of our newly offered Nordic Spruce. It is one of our largest models, similar in size to the popular Bridgeport sauna. The Preston exudes high quality, from its superior construction to the thick, tempered glass. The Preston offers multi-level seating for individual use or for sessions with friends and family.


If you’ve never purchased a home sauna because of space constraints, the Logan is for you. This compact, 1-person indoor sauna is our smallest model, perfect for tight quarters. It is made of high-grade sections of Nordic Spruce and hemlock and also features accents of Western red cedar. Stainless steel hardware and a tongue-and-groove design help keep the Logan sturdy, providing years and years of relaxation.


As is true with all of our indoor saunas, the Preston and Logan utilize your existing flooring—be it tile, laminate, concrete, or vinyl—as the floor of the sauna. The Preston and Logan are both traditional Finnish saunas, which means they use the water-over-rocks steam heater system, utilizing the included heater, stones, bucket, and ladle. These saunas will also come with an interior LED light, and thermometer/hygrometer.

And as always, the Preston and Logan are handcrafted at our West Virginia factory and are both highly functional and works of art. Call us today at 888.355.3050 to learn more about the Preston or Logan or to place your order!

September 12, 2016 •