Why the Sauna Is Your #1 Tool Against Winter

As much as many of us would like to deny it, winter is just a couple short months away! The Farmer’s Almanac — the notable historic weather forecaster — predicts a chilly and snowy winter for much of the U.S., especially those on the East Coast.

For some, just the expectation of winter and snow is enough to give them goose bumps. Others can’t wait to get out their mittens, boots, and shovels. Whichever party you belong to, there will always be a bit of work involved in getting ready for winter.

If you dream of heading south at the first sign of the cold season, we have just the thing for you — get a home sauna! There are many reasons why the sauna could be your best bet against the coming months.

Prevent or mitigate cold and flu symptoms

Winter is notoriously a flu and cold season. If you dread the aches, fever, and sinus issues which frequently accompany winter, owning and regularly using a sauna could be beneficial to your health. The high heat in saunas could improve drainage and also weaken cold and flu viruses.

Improve health by sweating

It can be a greater challenge finding the time and energy to exercise in winter. It’s not as easy to work out outside, and trudging through harsh conditions to get to the gym can be low on the to-do list. While a sauna doesn’t completely replace the benefits of exercising, it does make you sweat. A lot. And sweating is key to removing toxins from the body and improving overall circulation.

Boost your mood

Those who sauna find that they have more energy throughout the week. Also, if you ever find yourself simply feeling blue during the cold months, using the sauna is an excellent way to help your body release feel-good endorphins, which boost your mood and enable you to feel relaxed.

So what are you waiting for? Get an edge on winter this year by purchasing an indoor sauna or outdoor sauna. You may find the cold weather isn’t so bad this year.


Lest we forget what’s up ahead…

September 6, 2016 •