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Choices, Choices: 4 Types of Lumber for Sauna-Making

Here’s a little glimpse into our history: Almost Heaven Saunas made its mark crafting cedar Barrel Saunas in the era of Mork & Mindy, disco, and Star Wars. Since then, we’ve tinkered with a standard barrel design to develop some popular adaptations, added a successful line of indoor home saunas, and introduced our products all across the globe.

And now for our latest development: Offering 4 different types of lumber to choose from when ordering your sauna!

For our outdoor Barrel Saunas, Western red cedar has always served us well. It is a lumber that is naturally resistant to the elements, and it has often been remarked that the cedar smell is a special bonus. Our most traditional cedar of choice has been clear with no or minimal knots.

We’ve also made rustic Western red cedar Barrel Saunas available for anyone who wants a more organic, woodsy feel to their oasis of relaxation. Rustic cedar has a collection of beautiful, tight knots.

In recent years, we’ve worked a lot with Coastal hemlock and fir – or hem-fir as it is typically called. Hem-fir is a lighter colored lumber, and we’ve made wide use of it for our indoor saunas.

And then there’s our most recent addition to our lumber selections: Nordic spruce. (Fun fact: The Nordic spruce we use comes from Sweden!) This lumber tends to be knottier and has a very light, very lovely coloration. Like red cedar, it is a great lumber for outdoor applications.

All of our U.S.-made saunas are now available in all four lumber types, giving you the freedom to select what complements your personal style preferences best!

Give us a call at 888.355.3050 to discuss pricing or request lumber samples. Also, go ahead and check out our complete selection of indoor saunas and outdoor saunas on our website.


October 17, 2016 •