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Saunas: An Old-School Remedy

Inside View

An oft-quoted Finnish proverb asserts that if a disease can’t be cured with the help of tar, liquor, or sauna, it can’t be cured at all.

Now, that certainly isn’t a compelling argument for ditching your insurance plan and swearing off an annual physical. So please don’t do that. We also find the exhortation to use tar and liquor for anti-contagion purposes to be rather vague. (Some might argue questionable.) And as much as we love saunas, we will readily acknowledge that modern medicine is a truly wonderful thing.

All disclaimers aside, a proverb earns the distinction of being a proverb for presenting a nugget of truth, and the truth nugget that we’re getting at here is that from a health and wellness point of view, saunas are pretty dang awesome.

Sauna bathing has been a popular practice for hundreds of years, lauded for its health and relaxation benefits. While other Old World medical practices have been set aside (think leeching, bloodletting, etc.), sauna use remains a popular pastime.

Much of life is a choice between doing what is good for you vs. doing what feels good. In a sauna, no such choice is required. You can enjoy the delicious sensation of being enfolded in bone-deep warmth and experience calorie burn, improved circulatory function, pain relief, endorphin release, and improved skin tone all at the same time. Now that is one hard-working relaxation ritual!

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October 10, 2016 •