Your Holiday Sauna Buying Guide

The holiday season is a great time to turn your thoughts towards owning a toasty warm sauna, and we’re glad that Almost Heaven Saunas has caught your eye. To help you narrow down your search for the perfect sauna model for your home, here’s a breakdown of what we have to offer.

Step 1: Indoor or Outdoor?

We have a wide selection of saunas. Our rectangular Indoor Saunas are designed to be placed in a sheltered environment and we do not recommend placing them outdoors where they will be exposed to the elements*. The Barrel Saunas, on the other hand, are designed for either indoor or outdoor placement.

*In some special instances, an Indoor Sauna could go outdoors, but we recommend giving one of our representatives a call to discuss that consideration in person. (888.355.3050)

Step 2: What size?

Looking for something for just you and your significant other, or want something large enough to share with a group of friends?

Our smallest Indoor Sauna is a 1-person model called the Logan. The largest is the 6-person Bridgeport and the 6-person Preston. All Indoor Sauna models are 80” tall on the exterior and 77” tall on the interior, so there’s plenty of head room.

Our smallest Barrel Sauna is the 2-person Salem Sauna, and the largest is the 6-person Grandview.

Step 3: What style Barrel Sauna?

The Indoor Saunas are pretty self-explanatory. The Barrel Saunas come with their own set of variations. For the Barrel Saunas, you have the following stylization options:

Standard or Canopy?

A standard Barrel Sauna looks like a barrel – no bells and whistles. The benefit of a standard barrel design is that it provides more interior space than a Canopy Barrel Sauna. To make a Canopy Barrel Sauna, we take the front round section and move it in by either 1’ or 2’ to create an exterior sitting area outside the sauna. It gives the sauna a quaint, inviting feel.

6’ or 7’ Diameter?

If you’d like a little more headroom inside your Barrel Sauna, ask us about our 7’ diameter models.

Step 4: What type of lumber?

All Almost Heaven Sauna models are available in one of four lumber types*:

  • Nordic Spruce
  • Hemlock-Fir
  • Rustic Red Cedar
  • Clear Red Cedar

Nordic Spruce is a light-colored lumber that contrasts beautiful with red cedar accessories and accents.

Hemlock-Fir is a pleasing lumber combination, not as light as Nordic Spruce and not as dark as Red Cedar.

The Red Cedar we offer comes in two variants: Rustic and Clear. Rustic Red Cedar features a collection of tight knots whereas Clear Red Cedar is hand-selected for having either very small knots, very few knots, or no knots at all. Both types of Red Cedar are lovely, functional, and aromatic.

*The best lumber types for saunas that are placed outdoors are Nordic Spruce and Red Cedar because of their natural resistance to the elements.

Step 5: Optional upgrades.

 Direct sale saunas have some available upgrades for consideration.

For Indoor Saunas

  • Solid wood panels. Most of our indoor saunas feature top-to-bottom glass panels that allow light into the sauna and give the room a more spacious feel. However, solid wood panels are available as an upgrade upon request.
  • Heater size. Each sauna comes with an appropriately-sized electric heater. Sometimes, due to special circumstances, a customer will ask to either go a size up or a size down. A different size heater will not impact how hot a room gets; it will merely influence how long it takes to heat the room.

For Barrel Saunas

  • Full wood or half-wood door. A Barrel Sauna comes standard with a glass door. If you live in an intemperate region, you may wish to consider upgrading to a half-wood door with a glass window or a full wood door to provide the sauna with additional insulation.
  • Heater size. Again, a larger or smaller heater than the one that comes standard with a particular sauna model will not impact how hot the room gets; it merely influences how long it takes to heat the room.

~ ~ ~

If there is any way that we can help get you into the perfect sauna for you, just give us a call at 888.355.3050. Our office hours are 9-5 EST, Monday-Friday. You may also e-mail to request additional information.

December 12, 2016 •