Frequently Asked Questions: How to minimize seepage in a Barrel Sauna

One question that we receive consistently is how much moisture to expect on the inside of one of our outdoor Barrel Saunas.

You should indeed expect some moisture. To quote our assembly manual, “Properly assembled, you should not experience water dripping into the sauna. However, you will experience water seepage, especially on the top and sides of the sauna. This is because of the porous characteristics of the wood and due to the ball-and-socket profile design of the staves.” (pg. 3)

Seepage will not harm the sauna. In fact, once you turn on the heater and the room starts heating up, that moisture will evaporate. To minimize seepage, select a site that is under cover, or look into roofing options that you can apply directly to the top of your Barrel Sauna, such as shingles or rust-resistant corrugated metal (such as our Roof Kit).

Now what about dripping? What do you do if dripping occurs? Well, that tends to signify that you need to add more staves. Every Barrel Sauna kit includes two sets of filler staves, or staves that have been divided into smaller portions of varying widths. In the event that too much moisture is making its way into your sauna, here’s what you do:

  • Give the sauna time to dry out after being exposed to moisture. (You do not want to assemble and disassemble a sauna when the wood is wet.)
  • Loosen the bands so you have enough room to maneuver the staves underneath them.
  • Make room for another filler stave and/or remove a narrower filler stave and replace it with a wider one.
  • Tighten the bands back up. (Tip: If the banding brackets are touching with no more room for tightening, that’s usually an indication that there aren’t enough staves under the bands.)

Those are a couple quick tips. Please let us know if you have any questions at any point in time. Our toll-free number is 888.355.3050, or you can reach us by e-mail at

January 23, 2017 •