“What’s the difference between the Preston Sauna and Bridgeport Sauna?”

In recent months, you may have noticed that a new model has joined our Indoor Sauna collection. The Preston Sauna is a 6-person model with multi-level seating and an 8kw electric heater. If that sounds similar to our popular Bridgeport Sauna, that’s because it is.

The Preston is a reimagined version of the Bridgeport. The dimensions are exactly the same, but the Preston is deeper rather than wide, and the Bridgeport is wider rather than deep. (i.e. The Preston is the Bridgeport turned sideways.)

Click here for the Preston Technical Drawing.

Click here for the Bridgeport Technical Drawing.

One benefit of having two similarly-sized models is that it gives our customers options. You know what will work best in your home, so here’s two different configurations to consider. Enjoy!

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The Preston Sauna

Bridgeport_white_background 1

The Bridgeport Sauna

January 16, 2017 •