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Celebrate nature; hop in the sauna.

Barrel-sauna-in-natureThe first day of spring is exactly one month from today! And when thinking about spring, what probably immediately comes to mind for many people are all the natural wonders of the season.

The traditional Finnish sauna is one way to celebrate nature.

When it’s damp and rainy, stand outside and enjoy the lingering warmth from your time on the bench. Enjoy the smell of the damp, rich earth. Listen to the raindrops go plink-plink on the leaves, the roof, the lake.

On days when the spring sunshine is out and starting to return a bit of warmth to the earth, notice how the sunlight grants a new radiance to everything it touches. As you emerge from your sauna, take a moment to savor how clean and fresh both you and the season feel.

And then on days when winter just won’t let go and continues to cling to the days even though we’re well into spring — on those days it’s okay to retreat into the sauna. And afterwards you can enjoy one more cold plunge before the rivers and lakes start to warm up later in the year.

Add a sauna to your spring cleaning list — cleansing for the body and the mind, and cleansing that has always been traditionally rooted in nature.

February 20, 2017 •