Why you need a sauna this winter

Oh, February. The month when spring is so close and yet so far away. (In fact, a 2005 Gallup poll reveals that very, very few rank it as their favorite month in the year.) If you’ve just about had it with winter and are thinking of making your escape south, a sauna might be just the thing you need. Here’s a list of some typical wintertime complaints that a sauna can help address.

Dry Skin

You know it must be winter when your skin feels itchy and your lips get chapped. This tends to be the season when we break out our humidifiers and our cocoa butter lotion, and spending some time in the sauna is another useful aid against dry skin.

Traditional Finnish-style saunas come with stones, a bucket, and a ladle. The bucket and ladle are there for applying water to the heated sauna stones to generate bursts of steam. For most skin types, steam is an effective means to rehydrate the skin. So to get rid of discomfort and achieve a healthier skin tone, step into the sauna.

Common Cold

It’s time to stock up on decongestant, nasal spray, tissues, and cough drops. Or is it?

Spending time in the sauna may help prevent instances of the common cold. Researchers aren’t exactly sure why that might be, but studies indicate that it is. There are few things more frustrating than taking a sick day in the middle of a busy week or sacrificing your weekend to recuperating on the couch. A regular sauna routine may mean fewer days of being out of commission.

Chilly Body Temperature

Are you the sort of person who is cold all winter long? Does it seem like no matter how many layers you add, you can’t stop shivering? If that’s you, then this has got to be a pretty miserable season for you. Imagine what it’d be like to be enveloped all around by beautiful warmth, to step through the door into a room that is quiet, still, and layered with heat that penetrates to your very bones. Time in the sauna is time well spent because it takes the bite out of winter.

Winter Blues

Too many people approach this time of year with a “grin and bear it” kind of attitude. Winter is to be endured, not enjoyed. The gray skies, icy roads, bare trees – yeah, it all paints a pretty bleak picture. Saunas can help lighten the mood. In fact, it has been suggested that sauna use may help people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. That’s one hypothesis, but we do know for sure that the heat in the sauna helps release chemicals that help boost the mood – a boost which may be much-needed at this point in the season!

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If you’re starting to think that the idea of owning your own home sauna warrants some additional attention, then go ahead and give us a call at 888.355.3050. An Almost Heaven Sauna would be a lovely and, as we’ve seen, useful addition to any home. And it’s probably cheaper than packing up and moving south for the winter.

February 6, 2017 •