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5 Times When a Sauna is Most Welcome

Much of adult life is enduring things we’d rather not do. Here are 5 times when a sauna could be the light at the end of your tunnel.

#1: After the annual physical

There are few things less relaxing than sitting naked in a lose paper gown on an examination table and few things more relaxing than sitting naked on a wood bench in a hot room. Need to reclaim some dignity? Hop in the sauna.

#2: After an overnight flight from Hong Kong

Or after any flight from anywhere really. After sitting in a narrow seat that only partially reclines and has less knee room than the Dumbo ride at Disney World, take some time to stretch out fully and breathe deeply from an air supply that hasn’t been recirculating in a sealed cabin for the past 12 hours.

#3: After hosting a birthday party for 25 two-year-olds

Go ahead. Shut yourself up in the quiet of the sauna until your ears stop ringing. It’s also a good place to feel clean again after coming in contact a seemingly limitless array of bodily fluids.

#4: After the office Christmas party

There are some people you never want to see drunk. Or doing the limbo. Or both at the same time. Have some images you want to get out of your head? Let them float away during a time of blissful meditation.

#5: After cleaning your teenage son’s bathroom

It smells like a locker room no matter what you do. Do what you have to do in there and then retreat to the sauna.woman-in-home-sauna-Harvia

~ ~ ~

What unpleasant activity do you just need to grit your teeth and get through? When is a sauna the incentive you need to be a mature, responsible adult? We’d love to hear how sauna is a rewarding experience for you; comment on our Facebook page.

March 27, 2017 •