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Introductions Are in Order; Presenting 3 New Saunas!

Almost Heaven Saunas is excited to announce that we will be adding three new saunas to our collection. The Patterson, the Worthington, and the Saddle Mountain will be available for sale in the next couple of months. Here’s a quick preview of coming attractions.

The Patterson

The Patterson Indoor Sauna comes with pre-assembled panels, back rests, and benches for an easy, clean, and seamless assembly. One nice feature in this model is the full-length backrest installed for the lower bench, a design choice that means comfort for all bathers, wherever they choose to sit. The benches are extra wide, and the bottom one conveniently slides in and out, allowing you to adjust the width of the bench. The entire sauna showcases a beautiful blending of vertical and horizontal lines, and it is designed for corner placement. The Patterson seats up to 6 individuals and utilizes your existing floor as the floor inside the sauna.

There is plenty of room to lounge inside the Patterson Sauna, and LED lighting creates a soft illumination that is perfect for facilitating a relaxing state of mind.

The Worthington

Inside the Worthington Indoor Sauna, 2 full-length upper benches and 1 retractable lower bench provide plenty of room for 6 individuals. A back rest is positioned behind each bench, which means comfort for everyone. The Worthington’s design is meant to be both functional and visually pleasing, so a balanced blending of horizontal and vertical elements is a good choice. This indoor model is especially easy to assemble and will take two individuals about 4-6 hours to complete.

The Worthington lays the scene for the ultimate experience in relaxation. Interior LED lighting provides a soft illumination inside the room. The full-glass front helps the sauna feel open and spacious while the light tint to the glass provides a touch of privacy. With room for up to 6 people, the Worthington Sauna acts as a gathering place for people to enjoy each other’s company, and it is certainly a place that you’ll want to invite others to share. The lines, the detail, and the unity of materials give this model a touch of style that everyone can appreciate and enjoy.

The Saddle Mountain

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Saddle Mountain Cabin Sauna is its large beams and roof timbers, all of which fit together with solid precision. The nearly 3”-thick timbers provide excellent heat retention, and the kit includes a full floor. The sauna can be assembled on a concrete pad or on cinder block supports. The tiered entrance arch is attractive and practical. Inside the sauna, there is multi-level seating and full-length back rests for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Assembling the Saddle Mountain Sauna is a satisfying weekend project for two individuals.

With a window to the outside world, the Saddle Mountain Sauna provides a pleasing contrast. Imagine the pleasure of sitting in enfolding heat while watching snow accumulate outside during the winter twilight. The Saddle Mountain is a welcome addition to any home, cottage, or lodge, a quiet retreat from the noisy world.

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Coming very soon, the Patterson, Worthington, and Saddle Mountain saunas will be available for shipment throughout the U.S.! To learn more about these models, give us a call or shoot us an e-mail to request a brochure.


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March 20, 2017 •