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Rock Steady: A Couple Tips for Your Sauna Stones

Sauna Stones: What They Are

The sauna stones are an essential part of the authentic sauna experience. For any readers who are uninitiated to traditional sauna practices, a sauna heater has a cavity either in or surrounding it. This cavity holds several dozen pounds of stones. (Fun fact: We stock some heaters that hold in excess of 200 lbs. of stones!)

How to Use Them

The heater makes the stones nice and hot. When the time is right, the bather uses a bucket and ladle to place water on the heated sauna stones. The result is a sharp sizzle and a sudden burst of hot steam. This steam fills the sauna room and enfolds the bather in a wonderful, penetrating warmth. Good stuff.

So it’s clear that a sauna would not be what it is without the stones, and not just any type of stones will do the job well. According to Harvia, world-leading experts in sauna heater technology, stones that are ideal for sauna use need to be:

  • heavy
  • dark in color
  • big

This collection of factors ensures that you have a stone that will store heat well.

Harvia recommends that you get your sauna stones from a supplier who has stones specifically for your heater model. They also warn sauna owners not to pack the stones in too tightly. You want the stones to cover the heating elements, but you don’t want them to restrict air flow. This keeps the sauna from reaching peak temperatures. Save your mad packing skills for the next time you move.

Maintenance Tips

Harvia also recommends that you replace your sauna stones about once a year, depending on how often you use your sauna. Over time, due to the temperature flux that the stones undergo, they will start to crumble and you will need to replace them with new stones. The dealer who sold you your sauna heater will be able to provide you with replacement stones too.

All in all, a home sauna is very easy to maintain. Wipe down the benches, sweep up the floor, and replace the sauna stones when they need it – that’s it. To explore further the possibility of owning your own home sauna, check out Almost Heaven Saunas’ complete selection of beautiful indoor saunas and outdoor saunas, including our popular barrel saunas.

March 13, 2017 •