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Some Extra Sauna Accessories

Almost Heaven Saunas come with all essential sauna accessories – the bucket, the ladle, and the thermometer/hygrometer. You’ll need these items for the authentic sauna experience, so we include them in your purchase.

We also offer a number of sauna accessories that aren’t necessary but which many people find to be a nice addition to their home oasis.

Lounge in comfort

For example, we offer a wide array of red cedar accessories, like our back rest ($65), leg rest ($75), robe hook ($23), drink shelf ($32), and magazine rack ($52). We sell each of these items separately, or you can purchase them as a bundle in our Cedar Sauna Accessory Set ($169).

Track time

To keep track of time in the sauna, we have a couple of different offerings. There’s the Sauna Sand Timer ($42) or the Sauna Clock ($59 – available on backorder).

Breathe deeply

And if you’re into aromatherapy, you may enjoy adding scented oil to your bucket of water and ladling it onto the sauna stones to create scented steam. We have eucalyptus, citrus, peppermint, and birch in stock right now ($22.95 a bottle).

~ ~ ~

All of these items make great gifts for the sauna lover in your life – whether it is you yourself or someone else!

Of course, none of these items are essential for an enjoyable, renewing sauna bath. The only real essential thing is you in the sauna itself. Enjoy!

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April 10, 2017 •