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It’s Who You Sauna With (Or Without)

The sauna bathing experience, as we often discuss here on the blog, is unique and specialized to each person.  The temperature, the time of day, the type of sauna, etc.; It’s all up to the bather’s preference.  Regardless, no matter how you like it, saunas offer a plethora of health benefits such as relaxing muscles, increasing blood flow and circulation, improving skin, and even assisting in weight loss.


Aside from the physical health benefits of saunas, who you share your bathing experience with can also have a massive impact on your mental and social health:

Sharing your sauna experience with others encourages socialization and acts as a fun, yet relaxing community activity.  Whether it’s with your spouse in your home sauna, or in a public sauna with other enthusiasts, a social bathing experience can be beneficial for your mental and social well-being.

On the other hand, bathing alone allows for a much needed break in a person’s hectic day to just sit silently and unwind.  This opportunity to relax and enjoy the solitude reflects similar benefits found from those who practice meditation: mindfulness, stress relief, and improved mood (thank you, endorphins!).

It has been found that consistently enjoying the stress relieving benefits of saunas can in turn improve those physical aspects mentioned at the beginning of this article.   Sauna bathers have experienced lessened anxiety, improved memory, lower blood pressure, and many other benefits.


Who do you sauna with? Do you prefer to go solo or enjoy a social experience? If you’ve done both, have you experienced different benefits?  For more information on the health benefits of saunas, visit the benefits page on our website, and check out our other blog posts!

May 8, 2017 •