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Infrequently Asked Questions (IAQ)

We love to answer your questions about sauna use! Remember how your teacher told you that no question is a stupid question? Well, that’s mostly true, and we believe it’s important to answer all of your quirky questions concerning sauna use. We want you to get the most out of your Almost Heaven sauna equipment.
So without further ado, let’s get to your questions. We hope you get your answer here. If not, give us a call at 888-355-3050 or email We’ll do our best to answer.

Q. What is the correct pronunciation of “sauna”?
A. SOW-nuh. Webster says differently, but he wasn’t Finnish.

Q. Is it safe to exercise in the sauna?

A. Probably not. Overheating is a real concern, and the sauna is mainly designed for relaxing and detoxing after exercise. If you DO plan on exercising in the sauna (push-ups, sit-ups) start slowly and build up endurance over time. Be careful to watch for fatigue and dehydration. Check with your doctor on your overall health before doing any exercise program in the sauna.

Q. Is going in the sauna after working out a good idea?
A. Yes! See previous question. The sauna heat is designed to relax and detoxify your body, which is particularly beneficial after a workout.

Q. What do I wear in the sauna?
A. Loose, light, comfortable clothes, a towel, or nothing, depending on your preference.

Q. Is it ok to drink a beer in the sauna?
A. Most likely, but moderation is key. The combination of heat and alcohol can put you to sleep. If you are drinking alcohol in the sauna, set a timer to prevent you from falling asleep and getting dehydrated. Use your common sense when combining alcohol and sauna.

Q. What’s the difference between a sauna and the Russian steam bath “banya?”
A. The Russian banya is the closest relative of the Finnish sauna. Sometimes they are distinguished by saunas having dry steam and banyas wet steam. However, historically, both types used wet steam. It’s notable that, in modern Russian, a sauna is often called a “Finnish Banya”, though possibly only to distinguish it from other ethnic high-temperature bathing facilities such as Turkish baths referred to as “Turkish Banya”. (Source Wikipedia)

Q. Will the sauna damage my hair?/Can I go in the sauna without ruining my dyed or bleached hair?
A. If you’ve just had your hair done (highlights, perm, etc.) you might want to hold off a few days to make sure it’s set, but after that, it should be fine. If you’re concerned, check with your hairstylist for their recommendation. You can also wrap a wet towel around your hair for extra protection.

Q. Can I take my phone in the sauna?
A. Not a good idea. Electronic devices aren’t really designed to withstand high heat and the resulting expansion and contraction, and you don’t need your phone in the sauna anyway. So unplug from your electronics and phone for a relaxing time in the sauna.

We love your questions, so bring them on! Contact Almost Heaven with any and all sauna questions you’re dying to have answered. We want you to experience all sauna has to offer, so we’re happy to help.


July 7, 2017 •