Five Ways to Enhance Your Sauna Experience

We know you already love your sauna. Sauna is soothing, social, and heart-healthy. But we at Almost Heaven Saunas want you to love it and use your sauna even more, so here are five suggestions to make your experience better than ever.

  1. Exercise First, or After. There is quite a bit of debate about whether sauna use before or after exercise is optimal. We recommend figuring out which works best for you, your schedule, and your personal preference. Either way, coordinating exercise with a cleansing and relaxing sauna (not to mention the detox benefits) is always a plus and can lead to many health benefits. Although exercise prior or after isn’t essential, it will definitely make your time in the sauna more beneficial. Remember to hydrate whether exercise comes before or after.
  2. Add Some Music. Music can soothe our minds and bodies, further relaxing us. Combining your preferred music with your sauna time can help remove you even more from the stresses of commuting, your job, and everyday concerns. Make sure your audio system can withstand the heat and moisture, though. Our sauna audio system consists of an amplifier, audio jack, and speakers allowing you to plug in an iPhone, mp3 player or other device while in your sauna.
  3. Try Aromatherapy. Add to the sauna sensory experience. Adding eucalyptus, citrus, peppermint, or birch stock sauna oils (1 part scent to 20 parts water for our Harvia blends) to your sprinkling water will make you feel worlds away. The essential oils each have different medicinal or disinfectant qualities. Birch is the traditional Finnish scent for sauna, but pick your favorite and enjoy.
  4. Enjoy with a Friend. Traditional Finnish sauna is a very social experience. Most of our saunas are built for more than one to reflect this tradition. Work out with a friend or a loved one then hit the sauna together for some talk, music, or just companionship. Combining your social life with your health routine brings significant benefits to your overall health.
  5. Hydrate. Whether exercising before or after, purposefully re-hydrating is a must. Help the sauna do its best work with a fully hydrated body for great detox and heart health benefits. If you drink alcohol in moderate amounts in the sauna, we also recommend being sure to get some water into your system as well.

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August 2, 2017 •