Think Small — Sauna For Your Urban Space

Trending in real estate these days is the “Tiny House,” an affordable alternative to skyrocketing housing costs in many urban markets. With this increased interest in smaller living spaces, we’ve developed a new Hillsboro model, a two-person indoor steam sauna, perfect for today’s small, urban spaces.

While it wouldn’t fit into an ultra tiny house, the indoor, smaller model will easily fit in today’s urban areas and smaller living spaces. Having a smaller home or limited outdoor space won’t hinder you from having the health benefits of your own sauna.

As people learn more about the amazing health benefits of sauna, sauna use’s popularity has grown rapidly in America in the past decade. A long-standing healthy and cultural tradition overseas, particularly in Northern Europe, the sauna is making a dramatic showing in the US.

While traditional saunas are usually considered an outdoor structure, Almost Heaven’s indoor Hillsboro model, measuring at just 63x44x80” tall, is about the size of a wardrobe. You can safely place your Hillsboro model in your garage, an extra room, laundry area, large bathroom, or other space.

The Hillsboro boasts heartwood spruce construction, stainless steel heater, tempered and tinted full-glass door, and pre-assembled panels.  The Hillsboro starts at just $184.52/month or $3,999. This free-standing, attractive unit can be assembled with the door and heater on either the right or the left, depending on your space needs.

The sauna will arrive curbside at your home in the form of a kit with pre-assembled panel and ceiling sections, which makes the final installation process in your home as simple as possible. The price includes an electric heater, bucket with ladle, thermometer and interior light.

The health benefits of regular sauna use are myriad, and include detoxification of body chemicals through perspiration, improve heart circulation, strengthened immune system, stress reduction, weight loss, arthritis and muscle pain relief, and more.

You can watch our new video featuring the two-person indoor Hillsboro model here!

Almost Heaven Saunas has been crafting authentic saunas in the Finnish tradition for nearly 40 years. Located in Renick, West Virginia, Almost Heaven proudly manufactures their models from the best quality lumber and stainless steel hardware. The company offers a wide range of both indoor and outdoor models to meet the needs of any customer.

To see how an indoor sauna can work for your home space, regardless of size, give us a call at 888-355-3050, email, or visit

August 28, 2017 •