Interview with Jane Orlov

Jane Orlov recently purchased her first Almost Heaven sauna, specifically our Hillsboro indoor model. We asked her thoughts on why she purchased the Hillsboro over other sauna options on the market, and how it’s helped her! Thanks to Jane for this interview.

Q: How did you first hear about Almost Heaven Saunas?
Jane: “I have a contemporary/modern taste, and my house is very modern. I also loved going to Korean bath houses, where they have steam rooms with herbs.

I wanted to get a sauna for my house, however most saunas have a traditional look to them and they are usually bigger in size. I was even planning to order a steam room from overseas that looked modern, however the cost was too expensive.
Then I was looking at the Costco magazine, and saw a one person Almost Heaven Logan Sauna. It would have fit my space, but I wasn’t sure if it’d be the right fit for me and my needs.”

Q: What led you to choose the Hillsboro Indoor model over our other sauna options?
Jane: “I went to and I saw the Hillsboro model, it had just launched recently and I was so excited because it met all of my criterias! I needed a contemporary looking, compact, steam sauna with a higher bench where I can stretch out and lay down there. I am 5′ 2″ and the Hillsboro was perfect for me!”

Q: What is your favorite feature of the Hillsboro sauna?
Jane: “My favorite feature in the Hillsboro model is the size of it; I don’t waste energy heating up the bigger sauna, yet it has all the functionalities that I was looking for!”

Q: How has having a sauna changed your lifestyle and health?

Jane: “I have only had the Hillsboro for a short period of time, however I have been using it almost every day… And I have known of Finnish Sauna benefits since I was growing up in Russia and Russians use these types of saunas religiously. It helps my skin, I look more vibrant, it helps me relax, I feel rejuvenated every time I use it.
I take a cold showers in between the saunas, so it helps shock my system, so the blood is pumping, my heart is beating faster, like after workout, by just sitting there, smelling wonderful herbal aromas.
I also have a hot tub and a swimspa that cost a lot more money, however I find that the sauna is my favorite investment by far! I highly recommend that everyone gets one for their house.
I have already ordered online some Himalayan salt bricks, you put your feet on top of them and it detoxes you… I am planning to use those in my Hillsboro Sauna as well. I’m also going to order a herbal canister to attach above the rocks, to create steady steam!”
December 21, 2017 •