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The Heat Is On: Costco Featured Article

We were recently featured in an article about saunas in the January issue of the Costco Connection, Costco’s monthly magazine!

If you haven’t read the Costco Connection before, take a moment and read through both our article and the whole January edition: there is an entire special section dedicated to ways to stay healthy in this particular issue, which is where we are featured.

Meanwhile, there are also lots of fun and insightful articles, product reviews, and useful information and tips for all sorts of subjects every month. It is a great way to spend 30 minutes (maybe you could even take a physical copy of it into your sauna!).

Almost Heaven President Rick Mouw is a proud Costco member, and five of our most popular sauna models are available to purchase at Costco.com as well as on our own site. Thanks again to Costco for featuring us!

View the featured article about our saunas here: http://www.costcoconnection.com/connection/201801?pg=77#pg77

January 15, 2018 •