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Get Over Yourself Podcast with Almost Heaven Saunas-Rick Mouw

Listen now to the Get Over Yourself Podcast With Rick Mouw- Why Sauna Use May Be As Good As Cardio

This month on the blog we have loads of sauna information for you.

Brad Kearns from Get Over Yourself Podcast has a conversation with Almost Heaven’s very own Rick Mouw about the health benefits, the therapeutic benefits, the experience, and the convenience of an in-home traditional steam sauna. They walk you through the differences between infrared saunas and traditional saunas, the many physical and psychological benefits of sauna use, and how to use cold therapy, heat therapy, and contrast therapy.

Brad’s Sauna set up!

Contrast therapy is the use of heat and cold therapy, shocking the body and the circulatory system into acting as a pump. This “pump” moves stagnant fluid in the body helping to control inflammation. For more information on hot and cold therapy check out Mark’s Daily Apple.

Athletes have been using hot, cold, and contrast therapy as recovery for a long time. Some athletes use the sauna before a workout, some during, and others after. The wonderful thing about the sauna experience is that it is different for everybody; it’s diverse. As long as you stay hydrated and listen to your body, you’ll find what works best for you. However, you don’t need to be an athlete in order to benefit. Just sitting in the sauna after a long day raises your heart rate, and gives you a small cardio workout. The sauna is a place of recovery from all of the physical, emotional, and psychological stress of life.

“Everyone will experience the sauna differently, but in all cases it’s a good outcome.”  -Rick Mouw


Kearns and Mouw also talk about the psychological and social benefits of using the sauna. In our current culture, we are bombarded with work, iphones, screens, and stress! The sauna is a place of escape and relaxation. It is a place to be alone or with family and friends. Both Kearns and Mouw talk of conversations they have had with their children in the sauna. Conversations that might not have happened without the relaxing and calming heat of the sauna. 

Enough introduction, check out the podcast below to hear first hand from Brad Kearns and Rick Mouw:

Listen now to the Get Over Yourself With Rick Mouw- Why Sauna Use May Be As Good As Cardio


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April 5, 2019 •