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Gift Guide for the Sauna Lover in Your Life

The holiday season made easy for friends and family of sauna-enthusiasts.

For being on the same day each year, Christmas sure seems to sneak up on us far too frequently! Luckily, most Almost Heaven sauna accessories ship quickly, so you still have time to surprise the sauna-lover in your life with a gift they will appreciate and use year-round. Accessory options range from sauna ladles to full packages with everything one could want for their sauna, so we don’t blame you if you’re overwhelmed by the variety of potential gifts! But ain’t nobody got time to be overwhelmed, so we made an Almost Heaven Saunas gift guide to narrow your selection. Don’t worry though; no matter what you choose, your sauna-lover will be thrilled to spruce up their sauna routine. 

For the sauna newbie

The bucket, ladle and thermometer package is hands down our most used and essential accessory! Your sauna newbie might have been so new they forgot to add it to their cart, but you’re here to save the day! 

The Himalayan Backlit Therapeutic Salt Bar is a great gift option for anyone!

For the Instagram guru:

This is for those whose love for posting pictures of their sauna is second only to their love of sauna. (Okay, we admit it. This is also us.) Saunas are photogenic enough on their own, but there’s no denying the addition of the Himalayan Backlit Therapeutic Pink Salt Bar will make their followers go crazy. Not to mention, it’s detoxifying and a functional light as well! Nothing better than a beautiful piece of decor that’s way more than just eye candy!

For the overprotective family member

The one who genuinely believes there’s no such thing as too many layers on a chilly day and whose favorite phrase is “just in case” will be so relieved to find a barrel sauna rain jacket with their name on it. You know, “just in case” it rains.

The red cedar accessory kit is on the Almost Heaven Saunas gift guide.

For the one who’s hard to buy for

You really can’t go wrong with the red cedar accessory kit. An all-in-one pack including a leg lift, back rest, magazine rack, robe hook, and drink shelf make for a gift even the toughest person to buy for on your list will love. I mean, at least one of those items has to pique their interest, right?

For the couple:

Double the people, but a single gift they both can use? Oh, yes! We’re not sure that “things are better in pairs” is always the case, but with the double robe hook, we know it’s true. With horizontal and vertical options, any sauna can be outfitted with these dynamic robe hooks so your favorite sauna-loving duo can hang twice the number of towels and robes with ease.

For the busy one with too much on their plate

When they finally find time to relax, it better be truly relaxing because who knows when it’ll happen again! Help your busy sauna-lover make the most of their precious sauna moments and gift them with essential oil aromatherapy. Depending on the blend, essential oils assist in relaxation, sleep, boosting mood, and supporting the immune system, among a plethora of other benefits. With eight oils included in the essential oil box, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

For the one without a sauna:

You should get them a sauna. Best. Gift. Ever. Need some help picking the perfect one? Don’t worry, we know some people: 888.355.3050.

For the one who has it all: 

Sometimes, the best gift is just to be left alone with your sauna. No judgement; we’ve all been there. In fact, catch us stuffing our own stockings with a few “Me, Myself, and I” passes to enjoy some time alone in the sauna.

We could go on and on, but you get the point! There are so many fantastic sauna accessories and upgrade options (did you know you can upgrade your sauna door?), you should take a look for yourself! As always, if you need some expert advice, give us a call at 888.355.3050 and we’d be overjoyed to help pick the perfect gift for your sauna-lover!

December 11, 2019 •