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Five Things to do While in the Sauna

Here are five ideas on things to do to make the most of your sauna session

The obvious thing to do while in the sauna is to relax, breathe deeply, and enjoy the heat. However, people like to stay busy, and sometimes the prospect of sitting — even for just 15 minutes — with nothing to do in the sauna is too much. Here are a five ideas on things to do to help you overcome that hurdle, or at least give you some fun food for thought while you kick back in your sauna!

1. Meditate

If you are enjoying the sauna at a lower temperature, consider bringing in your phone and following along to a meditation app! Otherwise, use the room to help focus your thoughts: the water hitting the hot rocks, the sizzle as the water dissipates, the feeling of the steam against your face. Breathe in and try to identify the cedar smell; breathe out and feel the warmth tickling your nose. Take note of the exact moment you notice the scent of the essential oil you added to your water. This is your time and your space — enjoy it!

2. Journal

Sometimes sitting with your thoughts is too overwhelming. Instead, write them all out. Write about what you see, what you’ve done or plan to do during the day. If you are having trouble with your words, try your hand at drawing or simply doodle. Exercise your creativity and write a short story or a poem. According to the American Psychological Association, writing is therapeutic. Double up on the stress relief by combining sauna and writing!

3. Do yoga/stretch

Yoga will depend on how much space you have in your sauna. If you have a larger barrel sauna (say a Princeton or a Grandview), you have a lot of room to attempt your favorite yoga poses. Invest in a flat floor for your barrel sauna to create a level surface for your downward dog. Even our larger indoor saunas (such a Bridgeport or Worthington) have long benches for you to stretch out. The majority of our indoor saunas have the added bonus of two bench levels — stay high for more heat, or move down for a cooler session while you work up a sweat with your movement. If you bought a smaller sauna (think: Salem or Hillsboro), stretching is also a great option!

4. Read or listen to podcasts

If you are already taking the time to step away from your everyday activities in the sauna, you may as well bring the book you promised yourself you would read back in 2018! Try and read a chapter before your session is up, or simply get through as much of the book as you can before it’s time to take a break. If you bought a sauna that was meant more for privacy than for reading, consider buying a few extra light bars to make sure your space is properly lit (or perhaps now is the time to splurge on the Backlit Therapeutic Pink Salt Bar you’ve been eyeing?). If you cannot focus on reading in the sauna, consider listening to an audiobook or catching up on your favorite podcast. Music is also a great option and adds a fun ambiance.

Family spending quality time together in the sauna5. Spend quality time with family

In Finland, sauna is a social activity! Especially for families; it’s a space where everyone is together and disconnected from technology. It’s even a Christmas Eve tradition! If you have a home sauna, now is the perfect time to channel the Finns and include the whole family! Consider lowering your temperature and enjoying the heat with even the smallest members of your household. Just make sure to monitor the time and always have adult supervision. If you have a pool or even a garden hose next to the sauna, see which of your family can go straight from the heat into cold water! Sauna doesn’t have to just be a solitary time for you to get away; everyone can relax and enjoy the sauna health benefits together.

We would love to hear how you like to pass the time while enjoying a sauna. And if you are still considering whether a home sauna is right for you, we invite you to check out some customer reviews or browse our current sale. We hope you’ve been inspired to shake up your next session!

Note: if you are planning on doing an activity in the sauna that includes your phone, make sure you are aware of your phone’s temperature limits. If you like a hot or steamy sauna, then we recommend you leave your tech out while you enjoy the heat!

March 31, 2020 •