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What to Look for when Buying a Sauna

Important points to consider when buying your dream sauna.

Investing in any DIY project, especially something as large-scale as a sauna, requires a lot of thought and research. If you are new to the sauna scene, it can especially be overwhelming to know what to look for when buying a sauna. We want the browsing and consideration process to be easy and fun! So, if you are in the market but are not sure where to start, we recommend taking a look at the following:

Home electrical capabilities

The very first thing you need to check when deciding which sauna to buy is the electrical requirements. Does your breaker have the capacity to add a 220V connection, or is a 110V connection your max? Your answer to this question will determine which sauna you should look for – infrared or traditional. Infrareds plug right in (110V), whereas traditional electric heaters need to be directly hardwired to the electrical box (220V). If you don’t have the electrical requirements for a traditional sauna but still want that experience, we offer wood-burning heater options for the outdoors. The electrical source is key to keep in mind when buying a sauna!


Where are you envisioning the sauna? In the basement? Built into your bathroom wall? Right outside your back porch? The possibilities are endless! Depending on what you want, we have a sauna (indoor or outdoor) style (modern or rustic) to fit in just about any home. For example, if you want a modern indoor sauna for your bathroom, the Spectrum is right up your alley. If you want something rustic that gives you vacation vibes, any of the cabin saunas are right for you! If all you have is a small corner, the Sutton is your guy. We have a wide variety of styles and if you aren’t sure where to start, we are happy to help you out.


This goes hand-in-hand with space but is an important question to consider. How many people do you envision taking a sauna at once? Sauna is all about the communal experience, but we will not fault you for wanting plenty of room to relax on your own. The Logan is perfect for one person and is ideal if you are low on space, while the Grandview is our pick for a sauna party or a large family. We also have models that fit in between that come in all different shapes and sizes.


Sure, capacity is important. However, what might be even more important are the benches. Why, you ask? It’s all in the number and length. The advantages of multi-level benches lie in the temperatures you experience. Sitting on the top bench exposes you to hotter temperatures, whereas chilling on the lower bench is an entirely different experience – it can feel as much as 30 degrees cooler (however, the feeling is subjective and depends on how acclimated you are to heat!). For families with people who have different temperature preferences, multi-level benches are a great way to enjoy time in the sauna together.

Bench length

Something else to keep in mind when thinking about benches is the length. Do you want to stretch out completely and lie down, or do you prefer sitting? Bench dimensions give you an idea of how much space you will have while you sauna. This is an important measurement to note in your decision process. Each of our saunas has a technical drawing detailing bench dimensions so you can take a look and map out what that space would look like! 


Is privacy important to you? We recommend taking a moment to consider where the sauna is going and what your sauna attire will be. Once you’ve had a chance to ponder these points, choose your preferred privacy level and keep that in mind when deciding on your sauna. Something like the Madison or a barrel sauna has more wood and the only way to see inside is through the door. However, if you like natural light and love the look of glass, the Worthington should be top of your list. Indoor respite saunas and barrel saunas have the advantage of choosing door style, and you can even add a window to the end of your barrel. These customizable features can add privacy or open up the space, and are important to consider when buying a sauna.

Investing in a home sauna is a big decision, and we hope these factors are helpful when deciding which unit to buy. We have a helpful sauna quiz to narrow down which sauna is right for you. Also, the Almost Heaven team is always willing to help in your decision-making process or walk you through other great features as you pick out your dream sauna. You can contact us via our website or give us a call at 888-355-3050 to discuss buying a sauna. Our sale page is also a great place to discover your perfect home sauna. Happy shopping!  


July 28, 2020 •