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How To Customize Your Personal Home Sauna

Lots of choices mean your personal home sauna can be your perfect fit.

If you add up our customization options, we have over 750 possible combinations to create your ideal sauna! Our barrel saunas and Respite series saunas are all made-to-order at our factory in Renick, West Virginia, meaning once you place your order, your personal home sauna is crafted with you in mind.

Sure, we love options, but sometimes it’s hard to understand why you might want to choose one over another. We’re here to break down each of our sauna customization options, so you can make the best decision for your home. Sauna soulmates definitely exist, and we want to help you find yours. 

Sauna Lumber Options

Our saunas are constructed with high-grade North American lumber. All made-to-order units are constructed of 1-⅜” thick solid lumber meaning the sauna room is incredibly insulated! You have your pick of three lumbers: rustic fir, rustic cedar, and clear cedar. 

  • Rustic fir: Lighter on the wallet, but not lacking in quality, go with rustic fir lumber if you like lighter wood tones. If you have a highly-sensitive nose, the fir aroma is less pronounced than the cedar aroma. Typically used on our indoor units, fir is easy to add stain to if you’re looking to have your sauna match its surroundings. 
  • Rustic cedar: Go with this option if you love the smell of cedar and red tones in lumber. If you’re putting your sauna outside, we recommend cedar for its durability. This is our most popular lumber option, and after one sniff, you’ll understand why.
  • Clear cedar: Go with this option if luxury is life. Clear cedar, our most premium lumber, lacks the knots that define the rustic lumbers, and still includes the sweet cedar aroma and durability.

Barrel Sauna Vista Window Option

This barrel sauna customization is pretty straightforward. It comes down to whether or not you want a window on the back wall of your barrel.

Here’s why you might want to add a vista window:

  • Lots of natural light (good for getting that Vitamin C!)
  • You have a spectacular view you want to soak in

You might want to opt out if: 

  • Your sauna backs right up to your neighbor’s kitchen window (hey there, just taking a sauna!)
  • You want to add a backlit pink therapeutic salt bar to your barrel (unless you’re getting a 7’ diameter barrel, you won’t have the space for both)

Sauna Bench Options

Our saunas are so custom that you can even decide what you sit on! We use the terms “horizontal” and “vertical” to distinguish between our two bench options. Horizontal slats are oriented so the wider side of the board is the seat surface, whereas vertical slats are oriented so the narrow side of the board is the seat surface. Both are a comfortable sit (trust us, we know!), but it comes down to sturdiness and aesthetic preference. Vertical slats use almost double the lumber the horizontal slats do, meaning they are a hefty bench!

Sauna Door Customizations

We have four door styles, which means you have a big decision to make. The good news is that you can upgrade at any time. We’ve had past customers purchase multiple doors for different seasons. An all-glass door for the summer months, and the all-wood door for the winter months. It’s like snow tires for your car, but you know, for saunas. Here’s what each door has to offer:

  • All-glass door: Lots of natural light and the ability to overlook your gorgeous view. Also, fogging up the glass by creating steam and humidity is quite fun. 
  • Fading glass door: A light and airy touch of privacy that also adds intrigue and beauty to your sauna.
  • Wood door with window: A more private sauna experience, with the benefit of natural light, making it the best of both worlds.
  • All-wood door: Complete privacy and added darkness if you want your sauna to be an extra-relaxing experience.

Sauna Heater Upgrades

Most of our saunas have the option to upgrade your sauna heater. More power? No problem! Digital controls? We’ve got you covered. Want a traditional wood-burning sauna experience? We have the heater for you. Browse your options and pick out the heater that will help make your sauna dreams come true. If you fall in love with a heater but don’t see it as an option on your chosen sauna, give us a call to see if they are compatible!

We know a sauna is a big decision, and we want to make sure you’re completely in love with your personal sauna. It’ll be a regular part of your routine before you know it, which is even more reason to gear your sauna toward your lifestyle. Once you have your sauna, the personalization continues! Twinkle lights, plants, decor, and entryway options galore. It’s all part of the fun, and we’re dedicated to getting you your sauna haven. 

Tell us how you’re customizing your personal home sauna! If you need direction to guide your decision process or need questions answered, you know who to call: 888.355.3050. Get started by checking out our current specials to see if your future sauna is featured!

October 28, 2020 •